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Selecting an Automotive Repair Shop

For most people, a vehicle is their second biggest investment next to a home. It makes sense to take the time to select an auto repair facility that will take the best care of your investment. There are a few things that you should look at before you drop off your car!

Here are five questions to ask when choosing a Automotive Repair Shop

1. Is the Auto repair shop and customer waiting area clean and organized?

Cleanliness and organization are signs of a well-run automotive repair business.

2. Are customers greeted and treated in a friendly and respectful manner?

Many car repair shops excel in the area of customer service and satisfaction. A simple phone call to the auto repair shop to inquire about their car maintenance programs and services can give you a glimpse of how they treat customers.

3. Does the Auto Repair shop have its credentials on display, such as membership in the Better Business Bureau (BBB), certification through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and membership in various trade associations?

Credentials and affiliations are indicators of professionalism and the management’s commitment to mechanic training and education.

4. Does the Auto Repair Shop provide a written estimate?

The Auto Repair Shop should complete a written estimate and request your signature prior to starting any auto repairs on your car.

5. Does the Auto Repair Shop offer a warranty?

Most auto repair businesses offer a warranty on parts and labor and the warranty is usually in writing or posted in the waiting area.

Take care when selecting an Auto Repair Shop or Mechanic. Ask questions. Have a good experience!

How To Find A New Auto Repair Shop

Are you not receiving the satisfaction you are looking for from your auto repair shop? Are you on the lookout for your new auto mechanics? Don’t go further because this page will help you find a new and better auto repair shop. There are only four things you need to remember which are discussed below.

These are the things that you need to know when researching for a new auto repair shop near your house. It is a good idea to tap the power of the internet for your search or you can read the local ads in your newspaper or look in the yellow pages. Doing these things will help you look for your auto repair shop. But once you are down into few choices, take time to drive around the city and nearby towns for a first-hand evaluation. This has been helpful to people who eventually find my auto repair.

It is wise to always compare the prices of the services of the shops so that you will find the best value for money. Always research about the quality of services that these shops offer. Are the services better than your previous auto repair shop? Is it a lot cheaper to get repairs from one of them? Hence, weigh your options based on what make you feel more satisfied when it comes to repair services. This is helpful when since your car can have a wide variety of needs that is why we offer many services at our smog check shop.

Try to get to know the mechanics and technicians in the auto repair shops so that you can decide wisely which is suited for you. There must be a mutual bond between the mechanics and the customer. A friendly relationship with the mechanic will help you have your car fixed excellently. You will surely have your car fixed in an excellent quality.

Make sure that you have all your questions answered. Inquiries may be related to the experiences of the mechanics or the history of the business. Once you get to know these facts, you will find out how reputable the auto repair shop is to the community.

Remember these things when looking for a new auto repair shop. Make sure that you choose an auto repair shop that will be economical but will give you quality service. These tips have helped many of my clients of my San Diego brake shop.

Auto Repair Shop Basic Requirements

What will happen to your car is always unpredictable. But thankfully there professionals we can go to for help when our cars need fixing. And we can always go to a repair shop. Choosing our mechanic is not a small feat though. You may encounter different kinds of mechanics and based on their skill you will either love them or hate them. Read on to find out how to find your mechanic.

The first thing you need to check in auto repair shops is the level of experiences. Find out how long they have been in the business and look for their training and certification. Make a decision after you have gathered all your information.

Safety precautions are also an important element to check. Rely on to shops that guarantee proper care of your vehicle even during non-business hours. They should have guards or locks for their garage. Included in this matter is how they treat your car. Try to be friendly with your mechanic and observe how he handles your car.

Look at the prices of their services and see if they are reasonably priced. It must not be too expensive. Make sure that you are not being overpriced. You can also ask for discounts or ask about their promos. Never fail to ask.

And last, but not the least, element you need to see is the warranty. It is a practical thing to go for the services of a shop that offers warranties. A shop that has warranties for their services will be more dependable than one that does not offer warranties.

These are the things to watch out for when selecting auto repair shops. Full guaranteed service is what you should look for in an auto repair shop. The next time you go to auto repair shops, make sure to remember the tips given above.

Auto Repair Shop True Stories

This next customer had a common complaint of the a/c not blowing cold air. They took their Chevy cavalier into a local auto repair shop and asked for an estimate to repair the a/c.
The auto repair shop provided a whopper of an estimate for replacing almost every component in the a/c system.
The shop wanted to replace the a/c compressor and almost all of the parts that attached to the compressor.
The customer got me involved before any repairs were approved. After making some notes on what the vehicle owner was told I called the auto repair shop.
The service advisor notified me that the compressor had internal damage and spread metal through the system. This was believable and I have seen this happen before.
But I decided to ask a few questions before I recommended the owner approve the repairs.
I asked the service advisor what the pressure readings were on the high and low side. The advisor stated he would find out and call me back.
Two hours latter he called back and notified me that the system was empty and the freon had leaked out. The red flag went up.
When an a/c system is empty the compressor will not come on and testing is not possible.
The procedure would be to test charge the system and with the compressor running to properly diagnose the failure.
I asked the auto repair shop how they determined the compressor was bad and spread metal through the system without having run the compressor. He said he would call me back.
When he called back he stated that his technician was familiar with this make and model vehicle and that compressor failures are common on this type of vehicle.
At this point I called the customer and recommended to move the vehicle to another auto repair shop.
I informed the vehicle owner that this shop did no diagnosis and was planning on replacing all the parts and hoping the vehicle would be fixed.
The customer agreed and moved the vehicle to an a/c specialty auto repair shop.
I decided to tell this story because the results are funny to me. The a/c shop test charged the system and found a leaking evaporator.
This was the one part that the first shop left out of the estimate. The first shop would have replaced all of those good parts and left the one bad part remaining.
Why did they leave the evaporator out of the estimate? The reason is that the evaporator is hard to replace. The first shop was only interested in doing the easier repairs and hoping it would fix the problem.
Now the car is fixed and the owner avoided replacing $1500.00 of un needed a/c components.
Case study # 3
This next case was a problem with a 2002 Toyota corolla. Yes even Toyotas can have mechanical problems.
In this case the vehicle owner notified me that her engine was leaking oil and wanted to know if this would be covered under warranty.
The vehicle warranty was 3 years or 36,000 miles which ever came first. The customer had 36,125 miles on the vehicle, just over the warranty limit. I was surprised that the vehicle was having this problem because Toyotas are very well built.
I did some research and found out that the vehicle had brand new technology in the engine compartment. This vehicle had the first year for a new engine know as the vvti (variable valve timing).
I used all data to research TSB’s (technical service bulletins). The very first bulletin was about engine oil leaks from the front timing cover.
I called the customer and asked if the oil leak was from the right side of the vehicle. The customer put some cardboard under the vehicle and confirmed the next day that it was on the right side.
I faxed over a copy of the TSB and the owner took her vehicle to the Toyota dealer instead of an auto repair shop. The dealership performed the repairs under warranty even though it was technically out of warranty by miles.
As a side note the dealer has some lead way when it comes to warranty coverage. If the vehicle is out of warranty but close the dealer can still cover the repairs under a grace period clause provide by the manufacture.
The dealer can do this for customer satisfaction and brand loyalty reasons. Most dealers will not do this unless you ask.
If they refuse to offer you a slight grace period you can call the manufacture and explain that if they assist you, the next time you buy a car it will be their brand because of the support received.
Back to the Toyota story. The owner of the vehicle picked up the car and the oil leak was fixed.
The customer was looking at her receipt and the repairs did not match the repairs that I sent her in the TSB. I had her fax me a copy of the receipt.
The warranty paper work stated that the dealer replaced the cylinder head gasket and not the timing cover seal that had been updated by Toyota.
I called the dealer to find out why the receipt did not match the repair. I wanted to make sure that the redesigned timing cover seal was installed on this vehicle to avoid future problems.
The service advisor’s honesty surprised me.

He stated that the timing cover seal was replaced with the updated part number but they had charged Toyota to replace the head gasket because the head gasket operation paid more labor from Toyota.
So what this meant was the dealership was actually stealing from the factory.
When I went back to the customer and told her the story she asked me to drop it and not get the dealer in trouble because as far as she was concerned the car was fixed properly. The customer felt that looking out for Toyota was not her concern.
I agreed to drop it but I wanted to tell you the story. If the dealer cannot scam you they can still scam the factory. The dealerships lust for money knows no boundaries.
This is a good time to touch on warranty repairs and the relationship between the dealer and the manufacture.
I have worked at dealers that scammed the manufacture worse than they did the customers.
This affects all of us as in the manufacture takes these loses in account when pricing new vehicles and passes the cost on to the consumer at the point of sale on new vehicles.
I have worked for dealerships that pushed the manufacture to the point of the dealership being audited by the factory.
This process is very interesting and I wanted to share it with you.
When a dealership performs warranty repairs the factory requires the dealership to turn in the old parts for inspection.
Yes the manufacture uses the same techniques I recommended earlier in the verifying the repairs chapter.
The factory doesn’t trust the dealership either.
When the dealer’s warranty claims exceed what the factory considers normal an audit is performed.
The manufacture will send out a factory representative to review warranty claims and old parts.
The dealership is then responsible to pay any charge backs that the factory feels is necessary.
If the dealership refuses to pay, then the franchise is pulled and the dealer is out of the new car business.
I hope you found these auto repair shop stories entertaining. visit my web site for more free auto repair stories.

Why Your Business Needs an Online Marketing Strategy

Whether you own a local brick and mortar business or an online company or any business, you’ll need to use the Internet to promote your products and services. The online community is a vast goldmine of potential consumers who log in each day to search for every good and service you could imagine. If you have a product or service, there’s a market for it online. Tapping into that world-wide reservoir of customers is a must if you want your business to not only succeed, but thrive. While word of mouth and certain offline advertising can be great revenue generators for your business, it is important that you implement an online marketing strategy and get it working for you and your business.

Just like any other task involved in the promotion of a business, you’ll need to come up with a solid, effective online marketing strategy, to ensure the best possible outcome – in this case, boosting your customer base, and therefore your business revenue. This doesn’t need to be rocket science, you just need to outline the steps you are going to take to promote your business online.

The most important goal in an online marketing strategy is getting consumers to view your webpage; they can’t buy what they can’t see. This isn’t something that can be left to chance, as there are literally millions of websites online for customers to browse. You’ll need to find a way to direct these consumers to your website, via any number of effective tactics, such as search engines, email marketing, pay per click advertising, social media etc. That way, any time an online consumer is looking for something you provide, you’ll have a that much more of a chance of being their primary choice. Whatever your product or service, you want your business to be known as the market leader. The main factor to ensure in promoting your business is that you’re targeting the right market; if you sell antiques, don’t target a dog training market. While that is an extreme example, the principal still applies.

How to Choose a Good Auto Repair Shop

Getting the necessary service from a professional auto repair shop will help you keep your vehicle in good condition. The repair service professionals not only provide you complete peace but also help you curtail your vehicle investment. Hence, before you take your vehicle for a repair; it is important to learn a few things about vehicle repair so that the company doesn’t take any undue advantage. Here are some hand-picked tips for you to help you find a good auto repair center.

First thing first! Look for a professional and reliable car repair and maintenance shop in your community. Take the help from your friends and neighbors since reference is still the best way when it comes to getting the best service provider. Seek opinions from them on what car repair center they would recommend and what was their overall experience. Gaining testimonials from the people who had earlier availed the services from the repair center would help you understand the repute and trustworthiness of the repair shop.

Before choosing the auto repair shop for car repair, make sure you do a thorough background check of the shop. Talk to your service providers about the concerns and the services you can avail to meet up your needs. Be specific on the things you want from your service providers. Mind you some car repair shops provide additional service apart from what you really want. Ask for full explanation from the service professionals so that you understand the exact reason for repairs.

Ask for quotes. A good professional auto repair shop provides written estimate and ask for your consent before getting the job done. You can shop around and check out the deals offered by the shops. You can compare the price quotes visiting other stores. If need be you can visit the websites of the shops, do a thorough research about their service offerings. Try to check the quality of materials that the repair shop uses for the repair and maintenance. One you get to know all these things it would be easier for you to come to a conclusion.

Service warranty speaks a lot. In order to drive maximum customers, some auto repair shops come up with service warranty for a certain period of time. So, do care about this warranty, if you really wish to get post repair support and assistance at minimal or no cost.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep in mind the above mentioned handy tips before you take your car to a good auto repair shop. Invest diligently and reap the maximum benefits.

Benefits of Buying Vehicle from Car Dealers

Buying a vehicle can be very interesting and processes of thought. Not only you determine what type of vehicle offers the best means of transport, you should also ensure that you choose a car that will be able to handle all of your personal and professional needs. It helps to improve your chances of getting the best means of transport, it is necessary to do some research and find out exactly what type of vehicle you can afford. You may be able to find exactly what you need for your car dealer occasion.

It is attractive to buy a new car but for lot of people buying new car is not an option. The fact that you cannot have the financial means to get a new car does not mean you’ll never get a good car for your use. There are many new & used car dealers in the world offering different cars deals. All you need is a little time, motivation and a little knowledge of what to look for.

Whatever type of vehicle you are in the market for; there is plenty for you to choose from, no matter where you go. If you do not really know where to start, you can visit various car dealers and take a look at what they have in their inventory. What you may think is not important because the color and interior are some of the factors you should be very careful. Since this is considered a major purchase, you must ensure that you get exactly what you have in mind or have a preference for.

Since you are watching previously vehicle, you should pay special attention to the condition of the cars. Although the seller may say that there is nothing wrong with the car, but you should check for yourself. If you have a friend who is a mechanic, you may be asked to come and check the car for you. If you have someone who is handy with cars, you can always take a car that interests you for a test drive and have an auto shop check it out as well.

You can always negotiate a fair price if you feel that any car you want is a price too high. Note that even if you shop at a store cars, you still have the flexibility and freedom to choose what suits you. Take control of all negotiations and discussions cart. Remember, you are the person who will have this car for next year, so it is very important that you pursue that you think is best for you and your family to find.

How Can Bad Credit History Help You in Getting Fast Car Loan in Edmonton?

People who have flawless credits can easily get approval on vehicle loan in banks and banks count them as a lower-risk for the bank. However, banks even don’t like to entertain the people for vehicle loan with bad credit history and counted them as a high-risk for the bank. Most of the people have a bad credit history and seeking car loan in Edmonton, but their vehicle application has already been rejected by the bank. They left with the last option to opt to and that are private money unions where they can get help easily. These organizations offer assured car loan approval at less time of period in comparison to the banks. They offer fast and hassle free process of loan approval to their client as they have already been aware about their client’s degree of money need. But why these organizations will do that much in favor of you? Is there any big profit behind it, isn’t it?

However it is not that easy to find a genuine, reputed and authenticated moneylender in Edmonton who provides his services genuinely and don’t ditch his clients by putting unreasonable terms and conditions, and charges which are not going in the favor of his client. So there is a need to follow some important steps to find the genuine moneylender in Edmonton and that are as followed:

Check the market reputation of the lender.
Check all the terms and condition very carefully before signing any document.
Compare the rate of interest with other lenders then take a step ahead.
Check all the pros and cons before giving your property papers as a guarantee.
Make sure the installment amount is fixed according to your monthly income.
Compare the loan procedure charges with other.

These were some necessary steps to be taken before getting a car loan Edmonton from the private moneylender.

How Money Unions can Help You?

If you are seeking auto loan lender in Edmonton and your credit history is not immaculate then you need to consult an organization which helps people like you by providing instant car loan in Edmonton. These loans come under the category of bad credit loans which are specifically designed for the people who are interested to buy a vehicle and needs quick money.

Against car loan Edmonton you have an option to choose a Signature loan under which you have to provide your signatures as an authority to the lender. Moreover nobody likes to be cheated so the lender wants the same, in that case lender gets your authorized signature on some important papers to make his side secure and make sure that you are agreed with all terms and conditions and will definitely pay back the loan in given rate of interest and duration of time. Is it all done here? No not yet because you also have to give him some property papers as a guarantee, is it your side safe? Got confuse? then read again the agreement carefully.

6 Tips to Help you Find the Best Deal on Your Mortgage

When you are short on cash, it’s best to go for a mortgage, as there are banks and NBFCs that offer you loan against this collateral.
However, it is important that you find the best deal on mortgages so you don’t end up making an unprofitable bargain.

The interest rates that you would pay for your mortgage would depend on a few factors that you need to look at before applying.
In general, any investor would love to pay as little as possible and spend that money on other things.

Here are few tips to help you get the best deal on the mortgage you take:

1. Research and Shop Around

When shopping for mortgage schemes, don’t settle for the first quote you find. If you are taking the loan for buying a new home,
your real estate agent might direct you to a few set of lenders and claim that they offer the best interest rates.

However, make sure that you research the market and settle only for the best deal.Securing the best mortgage can be complicated and it can be a time consuming process. Compare the interest rates online before taking the final call,
whether you’re approaching a local lender or a big financial institution.

2. Spruce up your Credit Scores

Brushing up on your credit score is important before applying for a mortgage loan.
Your eligibility and the interest rate offered will depend on your credit score.

The better your credit score, the lower the rate and the more choices for home loans you would have.
Home loan against property is a common mortgage scheme offered by most of the banks and NBFCs.
Even if you already have a home loan in your name, you can still get mortgage loans.
You know abut the home loan eligibility criteria and need to provide the right set of home loan documents.

3. Increase the Down Payment

It’s not easy to save enough for the down payment. However, paying more for the down payment can help you get a better interest rate.
You can also save yourself from paying for mortgage insurance which is charged by many lenders if your down payment is really low.

4. Income Stability and Employment

Lenders prefer borrowers who show proof of a steady employment for at least the past 2 years. In an ideal world,a person who has been in the same company for the past 2 years or has shifted to a better-paying job is a preferable candidate to lenders have strict norms for self employed people, and you’ll need to document your business income along with your tax returns for the past two years.

5. Debt-to-Income Ratio

DTI or debt-to-income ratio can be measured in two ways.

The first is a backend ratio that measures the total of your minimum debt payments and your new housing payments on a monthly basis divided by your overall income.
The front end ratio, on the other hand, focuses only on your housing costs without taking your debts into account.
The lower these ratios are, the more likely you are to get a better deal from banks and NBFCs.

6. Lock your Rate

If you manage to find a low interest rate but still want to shop around, don’t forget to lock the rate.
This would ensure that you at least have that rate if you don’t find something lower.
Most of the lenders would allow you to lock the rate for a period of 30 days.

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